Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about Alive & Kickin’ and our products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to use our Contact Us page to get in touch!

Q: What are the benefits of a pre-fabricated crust or formed dough ball?

A: Consistency and labor savings. With our products, you save the time and expense of mixing and forming your own dough, and you get the security of knowing it’s the same great taste time after time.


Q: What is the difference between live dough and par-baked products?

A: Live doughs — both formed crusts and dough balls — have never touched an oven until they reach the customer, resulting in a supremely authentic, fresh taste. Par-baked is a shortened form of saying “partially baked,” meaning the crust has been very lightly baked to that it really only requires “finishing” by the customer. They are the ultimate in convenience and ease of handling. 


Q: I have a special recipe or nutritional requirement for my products. Can you follow this recipe?

A: We sure can. We have extensive experience making custom products, including formulating them. Minimum quantities do apply to custom projects.


Q: Where can I find nutritional ingredient and labeling information on your products?

A: With every crust, we’ll supply an information sheet that lets you know the nutritional information and how long the crust will last (shelf life) for best performance results.


Q: I have custom recipes. Can those be private-labeled?

A: Yes, we can private label your customized pizza dough and sauce recipes. This gives you the assurance that you and your operation will be the only ones getting your specifically formulated products manufactured by us.