Custom Crusts


Roll out unique flavor
profiles in your pizzeria.

You’ve got 3+ locations, and scratch-making the secret family dough recipe every day is taking its toll — on you, your staff, and pie quality and consistency. What now?

Preserve your heritage (and your sanity) by working with Alive & Kickin’ to develop a custom crust. We match your recipe to the letter, and consistently produce your one-of-a-kind crust. You? You enjoy selling signature pies to your loyal customers without the worry of making the dough, managing labor, budgeting for dough ingredients and storage, or controlling quality across several stores.

Your custom crust can be made for any application or setting*, so c'mon! Dream big! We’ve got your family recipe covered, so why not add “limited time” menu options? Customer-pleasing appetizers or pie flavor combos that no other operator offers? Whatever custom means to you, let’s create it together.

*Minimum quantities apply to custom products

You’re three steps away from a custom crust.

Partnering with the pizza crust experts at Alive & Kickin’ means creating your custom crust in the most time- and cost-efficient way possible.


Step 1

Develop a Recipe

Even if you’re providing your tried-and-true recipe to a manufacturer, a little professional tinkering may be needed to hone “just the right” custom crust at scale. Consider these factors:

  • Which crust characteristics are essential: flavor, texture, shape/size, performance, nutritional profiles?
  • Which ingredients are necessary, based on the desired crust characteristics?
  • Which crust format is the best fit for your operation: dough ball, par-baked, wood-fired, live/self-rising?
  • Are there any existing handling or processing requirements that would need to be replicated by the manufacturer?
  • What type of oven will the pizza be baked in?
  • Will pies be held under warmers for any length of time?

Step 2

Test Your Recipe

The recipe is formulated, and now it’s time to test crust performance. Don’t leave this step without asking:

  • Does the crust meet your general expectations?
  • How does the crust perform in terms of baking speed and structural integrity when topped?
  • Does the baked crust have the desired mouthfeel and texture?
  • What do your customers have to say during a taste test?

Step 3

Produce Your Recipe to Scale

After passing all testing rounds, your custom crust is ready to produce to a scale that:

  • Meets the quantity requirements for all of your locations
  • Can be predictably ordered and fulfilled within your supply chain protocols
  • Is safe, consistent, and high-quality
A&K PizzaCrust - Produce Your Recipe to Scale

Remember Your Distributor

You now have the custom crust you want. Work with your distributor to make reorders quick and simple.

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Get all of these helpful steps “to go” by viewing our infographic, How To Get A Custom Crust Made For Your Pizzeria.

The pizza crust experts are here to help

Custom crusts are the foundation upon which amazing pies — and your pizzeria’s reputation — are built. The pizza crust experts at Alive & Kickin’ are ready to help! Request a free consultation to get started!

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