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We’re Passionate About Pizza

Founded in 1989, Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust has deep roots in the pizza industry. Our founders and managers have experience owning and operating pizza manufacturing companies, as well as multiple regional pizza chains. The company grew rapidly through the ‘90s and early 2000s, significantly broadening our production capacity and capabilities.

In 2015, we expanded our product offerings with the acquisition of The Dough Shop, a manufacturer of high-quality frozen dough balls. We now service all areas of the pizza industry—manufacturing, food service, convenience, quick-service restaurant, hospitality, and more.

Today, we make a variety of pizza dough products in a large assortment of weights and sizes. We have a passion for pizza that shows in every project we take on and every product we make. With a knowledgeable group of experts, Alive & Kickin’ is the leader in frozen dough technology and customization in the pizza industry.

We’re proud to be the supplier of choice across the nation, offering a full line of remarkably good pizza doughs—so good, in fact, that customers confidently stake their reputations on them.

Our Promise

Consistent. Convenient. Cost-effective. You never have to wonder what to expect from Alive & Kickin’ products because we work hard to make sure they perform to the highest standards—and taste delicious—order after order.

We manufacture with precision, meaning you get consistent product size, weight, and performance every time. We operate in accordance with strict food safety guidelines to ensure a quality product:

Alive & Kickin’ also help customers take advantage of what’s on the horizon. Our research and development team is always leaning forward to offer products that align with emerging industry trends. We support our innovation with insights, giving customers valuable tools to help them grow their businesses.


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Facilities & Equipment

Alive & Kickin’ operates multiple production lines across six different facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with most of our state-of-the-art equipment designed and fabricated by our in-house engineering team.

Our production lines are designed to produce a wide variety of products. These large-scale, high-capacity lines allow us to make nearly all orders on demand, giving customers the freshest product possible.


“They really have a first-class service mentality. They meet or exceed expectations, and when there are issues, I can count on them to own them. That’s why they’ve been a trusted vendor for over 10 years.”

Culinary Innovation Director

Specialist Food Producer and Supplier

What Our Customers Are Saying


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