Wood-Fired Crusts

All it takes is a final bake — in any traditional oven!

Wood-Fired Crusts from Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust are that “something special” you’ve been looking for to make your offerings stand out from the competition!

We’re talking the real deal — genuine wood-fired pizza crusts, made using traditional artisanal methods. Not “wood-fire flavored” or “wood-fired style” but pizza crusts that are par-baked over a real wood fire in our lava stone deck oven. All that’s left to do is add toppings and pop it in your oven for a final bake!


Premium Quality, Premium Experience

Wood-Fired Crusts are a delicious way to delight customers, offering:

  • Premium quality ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or conditioners
  • 24-hour fermentation
  • Aesthetic appeal in natural bubbling, texture, and structure resulting from direct heat
  • Robust aroma and flavor, with a subtle hint of smoke
  • Pizzeria-quality final bake

Venue Versatility

Convenient and easy to handle, our Wood-Fired Crusts are perfect for serving up premium pies in many settings, including:

  • C-stores
  • Delis
  • Frozen retail
  • Restaurant chains
  • Entertainment venues
  • Ballparks and stadiums
  • At-home dining
  • And more!

Profit Drivers

Wood-Fired Crusts aren’t just tempting — they’re profitable! Add them to your lineup and improve your margins in several important ways:


Greater capacity: No need to train staff or dedicate dough-makers. Your entire team is instantly ready to make and sell more pizza!



Increased average sales: Customers are willing to pay more for a premium food experience. Give it to them with Wood-Fired Crusts!



Consistent food costs: With pre-made crusts, you know exactly what you’ll be spending and also eliminate imprecise estimation of need — too low could mean running out and disappointing customers; too high and you’re throwing out excess dough, not to mention money and time.