The foundation
for pizzeria success.

It’s a competitive marketplace, and as a distributor, you’re always looking for quality products that help operators differentiate their restaurants. But there’s more to it than that.

The products operators want most are consistent, reflect their commitment to quality, and help them create the kind of food patrons will return for time and time again.

And that’s just what we do at Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust. Not only do our products act as the foundation for pizzeria success, we also focus on what we deliver to you, the distributor. We respect the relationship you’ve built with your operators, and it’s our goal to:

  • Be easy to work with. You deserve a no-hassle partnership that’s all about delivering great products operators love

  • Enhance your relationship with operators. We support your team with extensive crust/dough and pizzeria knowledge that makes you every operator’s go-to-resource for products and expertise

  • Help you grow profitably. We also continue to invest in product developments so you can continue to deliver the latest and greatest when it comes to pizza crust/dough. This, combined with our full-service product line, is what makes you invaluable to operators today

Learn about our par-baked pizza crusts, pre-made dough balls, and more!

To learn more about our extensive product line, check out the Products page. To talk with one of our sales team members about partnering with Alive & Kickin’, reach out to us at info@akcrust.com. Click here for our current list of distributors.


“Our communications with ANK are constant, and that’s a good demonstration of their commitment and engagement in our business. They’re quick, responsive, very decisional, and easy to do business with. What more do you need?”



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