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Innovative Appetizer Ideas Using Dough Balls

Learn how to make three outside-the-box appetizers with Alive & Kickin’ HR Dough Balls!

Innovative Appetizer Ideas Using Par-Baked Crusts

Delight customers with reimagined appetizers made in a snap using par-baked pizza crust.

Anything But Pizza: Alternate Uses for Dough Balls

Add innovative items to your menu by reimagining dough ball use for calzones, breadsticks and more.

How to Create the Perfect Pizza

Here are the telltale signs of underbaked, overbaked and perfectly baked crusts.

Crafting a Beer Cheese Pizza

Learn how to make beer cheese pizza in this recipe video for Chicken Bacon Artichoke & Beer Cheese pizza.

Making a Detroit-Style Pizza With Dough Balls

Discover the easy way to add this in-demand pie to your menu with HR Pan Dough Balls.

Creating the Ultimate Quesadilla Pizza With Ultra Thin Crusts

Looking for a menu differentiator? Consider this "pizzadilla" with melted cheese in the middle of two ultra thin crusts, and taco ingredients on top!

Dough Ball Versatility: Pizza Three Ways

How to use dough balls to create 3 popular pies: take ‘n’ bake, and Detroit- and Chicago-styles.

Kitchen Operations

Portion Control & Consistency in Pizzamaking

How practical tools can help you create consistent pies and keep food costs in check.

Pizza 101: Tools You Need & How To Use Them

The must-have tools for making a perfect pie every time.

Pizza 101: Tips & Tricks For Using a Wood-Fired Oven

Chef Luke from Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust shares tips & tricks for using a wood fired oven.

Pizza 101: Hand Stretching a Dough Ball

How to hand-stretch a dough ball into a perfect crust.

Pizza 101: Troubleshooting Common Crust Issues

Chef Luke from Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust explains how to avoid common crust issues.

From Frozen to Perfectly Proofed: The Dough Ball Life Cycle

The phases of dough ball life, and guides you to the ideal time for using them for your pizzas.

Pizza 101: Perfectly Proofed Dough

Chef Luke from Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust demonstrates how to properly proof a dough ball.

General Operations

Pizza 101: When to Consider Using a Dough Ball or Pre-made Crust

Insight on when to consider using a dough ball or pre-made crust instead of mixing your own dough.

Authentic Wood Fired Crust from Alive & Kickin'

A premium authentic wood-fired pizza crust without needing the wood-fired oven itself.

Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust Products for Convenience Stores

Take your c-store pizza program to the next level with Alive & Kickin' crusts.

Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust Products for Restaurants

From dough balls to par-baked crusts and sauces, we offer an array of products for pizza restaurants.