Easy to Use Premier Pizza Products

Do you want to create a top-quality pizza but face space limitations or staffing challenges? Are you looking for a broad array of pizza bases to streamline your operations? You’re in the right place. Pizza Primo is a comprehensive collection of pizza components that maximizes convenience, quality, and value for busy restauranteurs.

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Top Quality Pizza Products That Simplify Your Operation

Pizza Primo


Thin & Crispy

Par-Baked Pizza Crusts

Lightly crisp, flaky, and flavorful, this crust is easy to prep, versatile, and, like all our par-baked crusts, has a long shelf life.

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Hand-Tossed Style

Par-Baked Pizza Crusts

Partially baked in our ovens and finished in yours, with a pleasant chew and lightly crisp bottom. Its medium thickness allows this crust to be used in a variety of settings, including frozen retail, QSR, hot hold, and take and bake.


Pizza Crusts

Made with a classic Italian bread recipe, this crust is satisfying with a fresh taste and rich bite. They rise as they bake and go from freezer to oven for easy prep. These crusts also offer long hot hold times.

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Raised Edge

Par-Baked Pizza Crusts

Crusts with a pronounced edge that are ideal for stacking high with sauces and ingredients or when you want the crust to be the star of the show.

New York Style

Dough Balls

Save time and labor, cut waste, and enhance consistency with our premium quality dough balls, which bake up golden brown with a short crisp and wonderfully light chew.

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Fully Prepared

Pizza Sauce

Move over, scratch-made sauces—our ready to use Pizza Primo sauce is crafted with authentic Italian spices and has a tomato-forward flavor. 

Pizza Primo products are in stock and available nationwide through foodservice distributors. We’re ready to go when you are.