Par-Baked Pizza Crusts

So Long,
“Cardboard Crust”!

Too often, par-baked pizza crusts are considered functional but not necessarily flavorful. The “cardboard crust” reputation keeps restaurant and c-store owners, purchasing managers, and customers from exploring the possibilities of par-bakes.

Alive & Kickin’ Par-Baked Pizza Crusts are game-changers. Our recipe and process innovations have greatly enhanced par-baked crust quality, but that’s just the beginning. The wide selection of flavor profiles, sizes, and shapes provide flexibility in product offerings that are sure to satisfy customers.

Variety and Value

“Par-baked crust” refers to a dough that has already gone through the baking process once, giving the crust the same essential properties as baked bread.

Par-baked crusts are the ultimate in convenience:

  • Partially baked in our ovens; final bake in customers’ ovens
  • Extra-long shelf life
  • Easy to handle and prep

From a crisp, flaky ultra-thin to a rich, yeasty Sicilian-style dough, our par-baked crusts offer the full range of styles, textures, and tastes:

Cobble Hill Raised Edge Par-Baked Crusts feature pronounced outer rims in a medium thickness.

  • Available in select sizes from 7” to 16”

  • Can be held at refrigerated or ambient temperatures

  • Combine extra-long shelf life, short bake times, and no need for proofing to offer the ultimate time-saving preparation

  • Ideal for a wide range of oven types

  • Available in customizable flavors and recipes

  • Different edge sizes available

Cobble Hill Thin and Ultra-Thin Par-Baked Crusts are traditional crowd-pleasers with a flaky, crisp texture. The Thin Crust fits the bill for a light bite. Or, try the Ultra-Thin for a slightly less weighty crust with a distinctly crunchy short bite and quicker bake time.

  • Available in select sizes from 9” to 16”
  • Can be held at refrigerated or ambient temperatures
  • Extra-long shelf life and fast bake times
  • Light, flaky and rich flavor
  • Available in organic and other custom recipes
  • Exceptionally versatile, works in a wide variety of oven types

With a thickness somewhere between a thin and thick crust, DeliCatezze Hand-Tossed Style Par-Baked Crusts are perfect for customers who want it all.

  • Available in select sizes from 7” to 16"
  • Handmade look and feel
  • Thicker than thin crust, with no raised edge
  • Easy to handle
  • Extra-long shelf life and hold times
  • Perfect final bake in home ovens
  • Great option for c-stores

Get it while it's hot. Par-baked hand-tossed style pizza crustrs

Specialty Par-Baked Pizza Crusts

Raised edge and thin styles are among the most popular par-bakes, but these innovations are also sure to delight customers — especially when you take advantage of customizable or organic flavors and recipes.



Italian Heritage Crust: a robust, flavorful recipe with a hint of garlic and satisfying texture



Cheese-Stuffed Crust: a par-baked crust of traditional thickness, with a rope of mozzarella cheese enclosed in the outer edge



Bella Vita Crust: a yeasty, fermented recipe that browns to a light crisp bottom in any oven



Crunch Time Cheddar Thin Crust is a one-of-a-kind flavor phenomenon that bursts with savory cheddar flavor



Lava Stone Par-Baked is a classic Neapolitan-style crust



New York Style (Big Edge) Crust is a great match for traditional pizza slices, with a lightly crisp bottom, large rolled edge, and just the right chew


Venues: Convenience Stores and So Many More

C-stores are increasingly the preferred choice for satisfying pizza cravings because the ready-to-eat, take and bake, and frozen pizza options are quick — and high-quality, thanks to Alive & Kickin’ Par-Baked Pizza Crusts!

But c-stores are just one of the many places where versatile par-baked crusts make a delicious difference. They’re also served up in:

  • Delis
  • Frozen retail
  • Restaurant chains
  • Entertainment venues
  • Ballparks and stadiums
  • QSR
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and colleges
  • Care facilities
  • Corporate/institutional dining facilities

Profitable Possibilities

Par-baked pizza crusts offer serving scenarios that easily expand your menu. Think beyond pizza to favorites like par-baked crust “fries.” Chef Luke shows you three yummy variations.