Pizza Crusts, Dough Balls, and Sauces

The passionate pizza people at Alive & Kickin’ are absolutely obsessed with quality — because we know that it’s the quality of your pies that determines the success of your operation. We offer a variety of crusts (and sauces!), and we’re even happy to customize a crust or dough ball to your specifications, allowing you to have all the benefits of pre-made with the signature potential of a crust made exclusively for you.

Beyond our laser-focus on delicious taste and texture, there are other important reasons to partner with Alive & Kickin’:

  • Consistency. We’re pretty controlling when it comes to quality. You can count on us to deliver the same flavor, texture and performance in every case, every order, every day. 
  • Convenience. Do you know how much time and effort you’ll save by taking advantage of pre-made crusts and dough balls? (We don’t either...but it’s a lot. And you can find out for yourself using our handy calculator).
  • Cost-effectiveness. Add up the costs of equipment, ingredients, time and labor (not to mention waste) and you’ll see that pre-made dough products are no more expensive than making your own dough.

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Signature Crusts

The way we approach custom projects is “The sky’s the limit.” Our signature crusts can be made for any application or setting and to meet special recipe or nutritional requirements.

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Dough Shop® Dough Balls

Frozen dough balls provide that distinct made-from-scratch taste, and take nearly all the work out of the process — no scaling, mixing, dividing or rounding. Just thaw, toss, and you’re ready to go. Success made simple!

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Rising Crusts

Rising crusts are fresh frozen, self-rising crusts that rise while they bake in consumers’ ovens, giving each pie a pizzeria-fresh taste.

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Fully Prepared Sauces

Fully Prepared Sauces will fool even the savviest Italian food connoisseurs. Made based on authentic Italian recipes that call for fresh, flavorful ingredients, our sauces taste like you spent hours perfecting the recipe.

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Par-Baked Crusts

Par-baked (or partially baked) crusts are the ultimate in convenience and ease of handling. From a crisp, flaky ultra-thin to a rich, yeasty Sicilian-style dough, par-bakes offer the full range of styles, textures and tastes.

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Wood-Fired Crusts

This is it — the real deal...genuine wood fired pizza crusts, made using traditional artisanal methods. Not “wood-fire flavored” or “wood-fired style” but pizza crusts that we wood fire in our lava stone deck oven. All you have to do is add toppings and final bake it in any traditional oven!

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“I was surprised when I started working with ANK about the depth of their capabilities, and am always impressed by their flexibility and responsiveness. They really understand us.”

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