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Alive & Kickin’ has crafted delicious doughs of all shapes and sizes for every type of operation imaginable. Whether you’re a pizzeria with 3+ locations, fine dining restaurant, or large commercial kitchen, we’ll help you create menu items so special, customers will come back for them again and again.

As Pizza Crust and Dough Manufacturers, We:


Welcome a Challenge

We’ll apply our knowledge of crusts and large-scale production processes to deliver a signature crust that’s the foundation of “the best pizza in town”.


Save You Time

We understand that time is money, and our products cut labor so you can serve consistent, delicious pies quickly and profitably.


Give You Options

Whether you’re ordering selections wholesale from our versatile product lines through our distributor list, vendors, or other manufacturers, or collaborating directly with us to create a unique custom crust that showcases your own recipe.

Products That Perform In Restaurants

Restaurant operators just like you are turning to Alive & Kickin’ par-baked pizza crusts and Dough Shop® dough balls for consistency, labor savings and to streamline their kitchen operations. With our products, you save the time and expense of mixing and forming your own dough, and you get the security of knowing you serve up the same great customer experience every time at each of your locations.

Pizza being tossed into the air

Dough Shop® Dough Balls

Pre-made (or frozen) dough balls are incredibly adaptable, ranging in size and type to fit the bill for a number of applications including appetizers, entrées, and desserts — and, of course, pizza!

The pre-portioned dough slashes prep time and provides worry-free crust production consistency. Plus, our wide range of Dough Shop® Dough Balls give you the freedom to easily switch up your menu offerings to attract new customers and give your loyal following each more reasons to love your restaurant:

Your proprietary recipe, perfectly portioned into dough balls of any size — ready to proof and use! Your signature taste without the hassle of in-house prep.

A softer, less chewy texture than our New York Style option, All-Purpose Dough Balls have a more bread-like flavor that’s great for thicker pizza and breadsticks:



All-Purpose Dough Balls with Extra Yeast have a bit more “pop” and quick browning.



All-Purpose Dough Balls for Pan Pizza are designed for pan-style and deep-dish pizzas.

Our most common, popular, and versatile dough balls are the all-purpose heroes of your kitchen. Use them for hand-tossing, sheeting, or anything in-between — New York Style dough balls always cook up crisp and brown on the outside with a slightly chewy texture. Add any or all varieties to your menu:



Wood-Fired New York Style Dough Balls withstand the high cook temperatures of wood-fired ovens.



New York Style Dough Balls with a light sourdough flavor elevate taste and customer appeal.

Enliven your menu with high-flavor, low-labor crowd-pleasers:

01 Focaccia Dough Balls are made with classic focaccia seasonings. They make great table bread served with olive oil or balsamic vinegar, and work well for gourmet pizzas. Try it with garlic chicken and a white sauce!

02 Take ‘N’ Bake Dough Balls are specially made for established or new take-and-bake pizzerias and final bakes in home ovens. They have a great proofed shelf life, hand toss well, cook up crispy and chewy, and bake all the way through.

03 Classic Neapolitan Dough Balls are made from imported Italian flour (00) and work great with high-heat oven applications of 600° F and up.



Scratch the scratch-made dough and get started with frozen dough balls!

Par-Baked Crusts

Par-baked (or partially baked) crusts are the ultimate in convenience and ease of handling. Unlike live doughs that never touch an oven until they reach the customer, par-baked crusts are very lightly baked so they only require “finishing” by the customer.

From a crisp, flaky ultra-thin to a rich, yeasty Sicilian-style dough, par-baked crusts offer the full range of styles, textures and tastes. 

Par baked pizza crust being topped with cheese, sausage, and olives.

Looking for inspiration?





Par-Baked Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts: Available in a wide array of sizes, this cracker-thin crust is perfect for flatbread appetizers or a lighter, less filling alternative to the more traditional hand-tossed crust.



DeliCatezze Par-Baked Pizza Crusts: The very best in take-and-bake pizza!



Par-Baked Hand-Tossed Style Pizza Crusts: Available in sizes from 6” to 17”, these crusts have the look and feel of a traditional hand-tossed dough with the convenience of a preformed, par-baked crust.



Italian Heritage Crusts: A robust, flavorful recipe with a hint of garlic and customer-pleasing texture.

Put Convenience On The Menu

The benefits offered by our wide variety of pre-made dough balls and par-baked pizza crusts don’t stop at delicious. Use them to keep the back of the house running smoothly, maximize time efficiencies, and ditch in-house dough mixing in favor of custom creations produced by a proven pizza crust and dough manufacturer.

What's more? Our Fully Prepared Sauces offer the ultimate in convenience —and quality — for your pizza saucing needs. 

Less Labor, More Profit

Making your own dough may be taking a slice out of profits. You can gain cost and time efficiencies without compromising excellence when you transition to the convenience and quality of pre-made frozen dough balls and par-baked pizza crusts, but there’s so much more:

  • No crust inconsistencies across shifts or locations
  • Minimal spoilage
  • Easy ordering through your distributor
  • Space-saving storage and management
  • Fast prep — no more back-of-the-house scrambling to make dough to accommodate unanticipated big orders!


Crunch the numbers!

Custom Creations

Innovations in the pizza industry continue to evolve, but crust customization is arguably the biggest. With specialty flavors like cheese-stuffed, toasted asiago, garlic butter, honey Sriracha, and garlic parmesan, pizzeria and restaurant operators have expanded their options far beyond traditional pizza dough.

Par baked pizza crust with different toppings




such as caloric counts or exclusion of certain ingredients.



(and sauce) recipes so that your operation will be the only one getting specifically formulated products manufactured by Alive & Kickin’.



tailored to your needs. With every crust, we’ll supply an information sheet that details nutritional information and maximum crust shelf life for best performance.

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