More for Your C-Store: Pizza Crusts That Drive Profits


Expert Choices for Convenience Store Pizza Programs

Balancing premium, on-trend pizza options and premium customer experience with the need for speed is a tall order for c-store operators. Customers want innovative choices in frozen, take-and-bake, and ready-to-eat pizza that don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience.

There’s also the obsession with pizza crust perfection to consider. Technomic’s 2018 Pizza Consumer Trend Report lists “best crust” as the top purchase driver for 44% of pizza lovers!1 That’s a lot of potential sales that hinge on your pizza’s foundation.

It all adds up to some unique challenges for c-stores — and an excellent opportunity to partner with Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust to create pies with delicious customer appeal.

5 Musts for C-Store Pizza Crusts

Alive & Kickin’ pizza crusts have all the makings of c-store success. Each product offers:






Easy Preparation


Excellent Hold Times

Tolerance under a warmer — minimal shrink, loss, and waste.


Up to One Week 

Refrigerated as a finished pizza.

Par-Baked Pizza Crusts: 4 Key Benefits for C-Stores

Performance Plus

Exceptional pizza crust performance is a must-have for any convenience store pizza. What can really set a c-store pizza program on the path to profitability are products that provide flexibility in offerings, including:

  • Simplicity in concepts and ingredients
  • Seamless adaptation to surges in customer traffic
  • Fast ramp-up for new product rollouts
 How to Keep Your Convenience Store Pizza Program Profitable

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Preferred Products for Convenience Store Pizza Programs

Alive & Kickin’ par-baked crusts are the trusted choice for customer-pleasing c-store pizza options that give frozen pizza a run for the money:



Bella Vita Individual Size Crusts: A yeasty, fermented par-baked crust that browns beautifully with a "rolled" edge



DeliCatezze Par-baked Crusts: The extra-long shelf life and hold times, ease of handling, and perfect final bake in home ovens is a perfect fit for c-stores



New York Style Par-baked Crusts: A lightly crisp bottom, large irregular edge, and just the right chew combine for the par-baked crust of a classic slice



Cheese-Stuffed Pizza Crusts: A par-baked crust that offers traditional thickness and a rope of mozzarella cheese enclosed in the outer edge



Italian Heritage Crusts: A robust, flavorful recipe with a hint of garlic and appealing texture — the latest Alive & Kickin' innovation!

Take-and-bake, ready-to-eat, specialty items, and more! Whatever direction your c-store pizza program is headed, Alive & Kickin’ will help you get there.


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