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Par-Baked Pizza Crusts Change Customers’ Views on C-Store Pizza

September 11 2019 by Nick Charles

Par-Baked Crusts C-StoresConvenience stores are, by nature, fast-paced. Customers expect that their needs to be met quickly, and they’re not willing to sacrifice quality or value for the sake of efficiency. This is particularly true when it comes to prepared food options.

Industry experts at the 2018 NACS Show pointed to foodservice sales as a direct contributor to the convenience channel growth,1 and the statistics back the claim. A recent GasBuddy consumer survey reports foodservice dollars amount to about 23% of total convenience store sales — roughly a 3% increase over the last five years.2 Further, 75% of customers feel c-store foodservice has improved during that same time period.2

It’s fair to conclude that the bar has been raised for c-store food quality, and pizza isn’t exempt. If anything, customers may scrutinize pizza more closely than other c-store food offerings simply because they’re more discerning about pizza in general. Technomic’s 2018 Pizza Consumer Trend Report lists taste (56%), high-quality ingredients, and “best crust” (tied at 44%) as the top purchase drivers.3 

How can c-stores deliver on all of these pizza expectations with speed, ease, and value? Use high quality par-baked crusts as the foundation of your pies.

Why Par-Baked Crusts?

Today’s par-baked crusts offer “baked bread” properties that make them good fits for c-stores. They also:

  • Allow for long hold times in refrigeration and on the shelf as a finished pizza
  • Maintain integrity under warming lights
  • Are easy to store and handle, with a long shelf life
  • Have short final bake times — great for kitchen process efficiency!
  • Come in a range of styles, textures, and tastes that offers exceptionally easy prep and versatility in pie styles
  • Provide unwavering consistency from pizza to pizza and c-store location to location

Partner With The Pros

Partnering with the Alive & Kickin’ dough experts helps you overcome everyday c-store challenges while fully leveraging the benefits of par-baked pizza crusts. Our products can easily take you from crisp, flaky ultra-thin to a lightly chewy, yeasty New York-style pizza — all without expecting your customers to settle for less than the best.

Don’t just take our word for it! The Alive & Kickin’ Booth #7665 at NACS Show 2019 will be rocking with a variety of par-baked crusts that’ll take your creativity and profitability to new heights, including:

  • NEW Italian Heritage Crust: a robust, flavorful recipe with a hint of garlic and customer-pleasing texture
  • Cheese-Stuffed Crust: traditional thickness par-baked crust with a rope of mozzarella cheese enclosed in the outer edge
  • Bella Vita Individual Size Crust: yeasty, fermented recipe in par-baked crust – browns beautifully in any oven, light crisp bottom.

C-store pizza has become a viable contender in the industry, and we’re here to help you take customers from skeptics to true believers. Learn more in our guide, Par-Baked Pizza Crusts: 4 Key Benefits for C-Stores


Par-Baked Pizza Crusts for C-Stores



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Nick Charles

Written by Nick Charles

President, Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust
Nick has been in the pizza dough business for more than 20 years. He heads up the company’s customer development and service (making sure they’re always happy with our product and our processes) and manages the overall business. It’s a big job, and he’s the right guy to do it!