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Entertaining the Idea
of Premium Pizza

Customers are discerning when it comes to food choices. Whether they’re at the movies, a ballpark, or concert — entertainment venues need to be “eatertainment” destinations. Tried-and-true microwaveables like nachos, burgers, and frozen pizza slices are fast, but more and more customers are seeking out variety.

Balancing expectations with quality food is a dilemma for entertainment venue operators, but not an impossibility. Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust has the products that make pizza more entertaining — and easily able to command premium prices.

Play to the Crowds with Par-Baked Crusts

Entertainment venues generally attract crowds of people — many of whom choose to eat on-site. How do you feed a captive audience that could be large, small, or somewhere in-between, especially when kitchen space and equipment are limited?

Par-baked pizza crusts from Alive & Kickin’ are sure-fire solutions, serving up:


Ease in Storage and Handling


Long Shelf Life


Exceptional Integrity and Hold Times

Under warming lights or in refrigerators


Short Final Bake Times

For fast customer service

Quality and consistency are guaranteed! There’s simply no worries about whether the last slice you serve is as fresh and delicious as the first pie you pulled from the oven. You can count on customer-pleasing flavor, texture, and performance without fail.

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Surprise! Fries!

Your food can be as entertaining as the venue when you switch up your offerings! Instead of run-of-the-mill French fries, serve up…

Pizza Fries Three Ways



Substitute garlic butter, buffalo chicken dip, and spinach artichoke dip for traditional pizza sauce on three separate par-baked crusts



Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and bake until golden brown



Cut crusts into thin strips



Serve with marinara, French onion dip, ranch, or another dipping sauce

Whet your appetite for innovation with these recipe videos!

Entertainment Venues. Eatertainment Pizza Products.

Make your operation the main attraction for entertainment venue crowds with the versatile styles, textures, and tastes of easy-prep Alive & Kickin’ par-baked pizza crusts:



DeliCatezze Par-baked Crusts for take-and-bake pizza quality and convenience



Par-baked Ultra Thin Crusts with cracker-thin profiles and a range of sizes that work for everything from appetizers to less-filling pie options



New York Style Par-baked Crusts: A lightly crisp bottom, large irregular edge, and just the right chew combine for the par-baked crust of a classic slice



Par-baked Hand-Tossed Style Crusts offer the look and feel of traditional hand-tossed dough with pre-formed, par-baked crust convenience in sizes from 7” to 16”



Authentic Wood-Fired Crusts made from premium ingredients — no additives, preservatives, or conditioners — and par-baked on a lava stone deck oven-fired with real wood for natural bubbling and texture that you can top and finish in any oven type



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