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How to Capitalize on Thin Crust Pizza Cravings

February 26 2020 by Luke Siedow

Thin Pizza CrustNo doubt about it, thin crust is the “in” crust. More than 60% of Americans prefer it to any other pizza crust type1. Some cite how a thin or ultra thin pizza crust enhances but doesn’t overshadow the taste of the toppings1,2. Others point to how thin crust pizza is less filling than thicker crust styles2. Still others may simply be influenced by where they live; thin crust is preferred in over half of the 50 states in our nation!2

The zeal for thin crust pizza makes it a natural crowd-pleaser...but are you missing opportunities to provide an extraordinary customer experience?

Delicious Decisions

Serve up some variety with your thin crust pizzas! The experts at Alive & Kickin’ have formulated on-trend thin pizza crusts that give customers appealing choices:

Cobble Hill Par-Baked Thin Crusts

Thin par-baked crusts are a traditional crowd-pleaser — the flaky, crisp texture and light bite keep customers coming back for more. But are you aware of the versatility these quality thin pizza crusts offer? These options for signature pies are sure to build a loyal following:

  • Give customers a punch of crunch with Extra Crispy Thin Crusts! That to-die-for snap of a thin pizza crust delights customers every time. Ratchet up the experience with Extra Crispy Thin Crusts. Available in sizes from 9” to 16”, the distinctly crunchy short bite and rich flavor satisfies the crunch cravings of anyone from pizza-for-one fans to groups of hungry pizza lovers. 
  • Traditional Thin Par-Baked Crusts. Available in a wide array of sizes, this cracker-thin crust is perfect for flatbread appetizers or a lighter, less filling alternative to the more traditional hand-tossed crust. The possibilities with this crust are endless!

Dare to Compare

Thin crust may be the “in” crust, but don’t limit your possibilities when it comes to customer connections and higher profitability! Check out our Pizza Crust Types Comparison Guide for inspiration! Click the button below to access your copy now.

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Luke Siedow

Written by Luke Siedow

Corporate Chef, Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust
Not only is Luke a trained culinologist, but he has managed a successful pizzeria – and currently owns one! Luke brings value to a number of areas throughout Alive & Kickin’, including sales, culinary, and product showings – experience that makes him able to solve even the trickiest challenges operators face. Luke is also the face of Alive & Kickin’ in many of our demo videos!