Grocery: Par-Baked Crusts for Frozen and Deli Pizza


Any Way You Slice It…

Prepping pizza crust for take and bake or in-store pies is a substantial labor commitment — a resource grocery stores can ill-afford given ongoing shortages in the workforce.

Partnering with Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust gives grocery stores fast and focused solutions to any frozen or deli pizza crust challenge. Cut labor, delight customers, and gain the expert support of a trusted pizza crust manufacturer!

(Wood) Fire Up Your Deli

Forget “wood-fire flavored” or “wood-fired style”! Our Authentic Wood Fired Crusts are par-baked in a lava stone deck oven for real-deal taste and texture — and your customers are sure to notice!

Authentic Wood Fired Crusts offer:

  • Premium quality ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or conditioners
  • Aesthetic appeal in natural bubbling, texture, and structure
  • Robust flavor with a subtle hint of smoke
  • Pizzeria-quality final bake — in their home ovens!
Pizza on a peel going into a wood fired oven
Pepperoni pizza sitting on pizza pan next to pizza cutter

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Cool Crusts for Frozen Pizza

Just like your customers, you’ve got choices when it comes to pizza crust — more specifically, you have choices when it comes to amazing Alive & Kickin’ crusts for frozen and deli pizza!

Each par-baked crust is easy to handle, preps in minutes, and is oh-so-delicious when final baked in any oven. Add one, more, or all four of these crusts to your frozen pizza options:



Cobble Hill Raised Edge Par-Baked Crusts can handle piled-high toppings and final bakes in customers’ home ovens


Cobble Hill Thin Par-Baked Crusts are cracker-thin and less filling than traditional hand-tossed crusts — perfect for customers who want lighter meals


Authentic Wood-Fired Crusts are par-baked on a lava stone deck oven for genuine taste and texture, and a unique at-home pizza experience


Astoria Rising Crusts are fresh frozen and self-rising, providing pizzeria-fresh taste and rise when prepared at home
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