Cobble Hill Raised Edge
Par-Baked Crusts


Raised edge, elevated flavor

Cobble Hill Raised Edge Par-Baked Crusts feature pronounced outer rims in a medium thickness, including these additional features:

  • Can be held at refrigerated or ambient temperatures
  • Combine extra-long shelf life, short bake times, and no need for proofing to offer the ultimate timesaving preparation
  • Available in customizable flavors and recipes
  • Different edge sizes available

Par-Baked Crust Characteristics

Flavor Features a rich flavor with a hint of toasted wheat.
Texture A small cell structure, crunch bottom with a bread-like interior.
Edge Characteristics Defined outer rim with some high and low points.
Sizes Available in select sizes from seven inches to 16 inches.
Ideal Oven Type Your choice: conveyor, double-door, convection, or home.
Ideal Operations Take N’ Bake, convenience stores, frozen retail, QSRs, hospitals, and care facilities.

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Consistent Quality Exceptional Flavor & Texture


Here are 5 reasons to choose par-baked crusts