Our Team


Passion & hard work

The same passion and hard work that started this company back in 1989 are definitely “alive & kickin” in the people on our team today.

The people behind the scenes – those who are on the line every day making our products – are the protectors of our brand, so to speak, working hard around the clock to make sure quality is unparalleled and deadlines are met. Those up front in the offices have valuable experience in production and distribution, and are supported by a sales team with deep knowledge of our customers’ businesses.

Learn more about the Alive & Kickin’ team below!

Randy Charles


Responsible for the ongoing strategy of the company — the “big picture,” if you will — including industry trends, innovation, product development, and manufacturing capabilities. Randy was one of the founders of A&K in 1989.

Nick Charles


Primarily responsible for client development and service along with overall business management and administration. Nick has been with A&K since 1998. 

Dan Pecha

Consultant; Founder & former President of Dough Shop® Division

Dan started in the pizza business when he was just 14 years old. Originally making the dough balls for his own chain of pizza restaurants, he moved on to supplying dough, crusts, and flatbreads for other stores before eventually joining the team at A&K in 2015. 

Jeff Stone

Senior Director of Client Development

Jeff’s career in the pizza industry spans over 30 years and countless successful product launches. His broad knowledge of the industry gives him an invaluable perspective on what makes a pizza stand out from the crowd. He has been with A&K since 1996.

Lisa Bartikofsky

Director of Sales

Lisa is a 20-year veteran of the food industry, including over 15 years in pizza specifically. She has a winning, can-do attitude and loves collaborating to create the perfect recipe. Lisa has been with A&K since 2011.

Luke Siedow

Culinary Specialist

Luke is involved in a number of areas throughout the company, including sales, culinary, and product showings. Luke’s expertise in problem-solving for operators has won him the praise of countless customers.


Shawna Link

Foodservice Sales Manager

Shawna started working in pizza restaurants when she was 16 years old. She has worked in small, locally owned restaurants to large chains. Shawna broadened her experience by entering into manufacturing as a key member of The Dough Shop in 2009 before joining the A&K team in 2015.

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