Spicy Pie — An Operator Case Study

When a small pizza chain in Fargo, ND began growing at a rapid pace, the challenges of creating a consistent, high quality pizza grew with it. Despite efforts to overcome inconsistencies in their dough from one location and chef to the next, the quality of Spicy Pie’s hand-tossed New York-style pizza suffered, putting their business at risk.

The Dough Shop experts from Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust worked with Spicy Pie to overcome their dough dilemmas with a custom dough ball formulation based on the pizzeria’s original recipe. The results of switching to pre-made dough balls drastically improved their kitchen efficiency and pizza quality. Read the case study to see how the Alive & Kickin’ team worked with them to achieve:

  • Dough consistency across multiple shop locations
  • Improved processes and procedures
  • Reduced labor costs and improved employee satisfaction
  • Less waste and excess inventory
  • Improved customer satisfaction and sales
  • Ongoing support and new employee training

Download the Spicy Pie Custom Dough Ball Case Study now by filling out the form, then reach out to Alive & Kickin’ to learn more about how dough balls can help you overcome your inconsistency challenges.