Our pizza crusts, doughs, and sauces bring only the highest quality to the art of making pizza. The variety of products, the ability to customize and our strict quality standards are all reasons customers have utmost confidence in Alive & Kickin’.

Why choose a pre-fabricated pizza crust or dough?

  • Consistency. Batch after batch, our quality control guarantees you receive the finest product, all the while giving you the consistency customers expect.
  • Convenience. You save the time and expense of mixing and forming your own dough. Dough balls and pre-made crusts are easy to store and easy to use. They make great pizza without all the hassles of mixing dough and are convenient to use regardless of who’s handling it.
  • Cost-effectiveness. When you factor in the costs of equipment, ingredients, time and labor (not to mention waste), you’ll soon find that pre-made dough products are no more expensive than making your own raw dough. Plus, there’s no mess to clean up!

Product Characteristics

  • Quality ingredients. All our products are created with top-quality ingredients to ensure the best performance, every time.
  • Quality control. Consistent size and weight from a dough ball or pre-made crust diminishes the need for cutting or measuring, reduces waste, and helps control food costs.
  • Quality customization. We provide house recipes and custom products to fit even the most unique needs.

Authentic Wood Fired Crusts

This is it — the real deal: Genuine wood fired pizza crust, made using traditional artisanal methods. Not “wood-fire flavored” or “wood-fired style” — pizza crusts wood fired in a lava stone deck oven.

Our new Authentic Wood Fired Crusts give you the opportunity to offer something special and unique — something to help transform your menu and give you a competitive advantage. These crusts are ideal for any operation that wants to offer an ultra-premium pizza outside the ordinary.


How They’re Made

We start with premium quality ingredients and insist on no additives, preservatives or conditioners. A long fermentation ensures that the dough has a robust flavor and aroma.

Our lava stone deck oven is fired with real wood, lending a subtle hint of smoke flavor unique to this type of crust. Direct heat creates natural bubbling and outstanding texture and structure. No shortcuts, no compromises on authenticity.

When you want the quality that only true artisanal wood-fired pizza dough delivers, accept nothing less than Authentic Wood Fired Crust, exclusively from Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust.

Custom Crusts

With Alive & Kickin’ products, you can create something so special customers will return again and again. Whether it’s something customized for a particular flavor profile or a certain texture, we can make it happen.


The way we approach custom projects is “the sky’s the limit.” Our custom crusts can be made for any application or setting and to meet special recipe or nutritional requirements for any kind of business. Customers have come to us wanting to replicate an old family recipe, to create something no one else offers, or with the goal of offering a pizza that will inspire customer loyalty. Please note that minimum quantities do apply to custom products.


Dough Shop® by A&K Dough Balls

Dough balls provide that made-from-scratch taste, yet are much easier to handle and give you unmatched consistency.  No scaling, mixing, dividing or rounding; just thaw, toss, and you’re ready to go!

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Astoria Rising Crusts

Alive & Kickin’ offers a tremendous selection of recipes, sizes, and weights in live dough pizza crust (also known as self-rising pizza crust). Fresh frozen, self-rising crust rises while it bakes in consumer oven.

Live dough products have the advantage of a first-time bake for the customer, giving the pie a pizzeria-fresh taste. These crusts are also excellent in QSR applications, where space is at a premium and the product may be held under warming for some time.

Whether your need is for retail, foodservice, or a deli setting, we have the right crust to make your pizza outstanding.

Product Information

  • 5" to 16" rounds; rectangles and squares available at select sizes

  • Wide variety of weights and rim styles

  • Dozens of proven recipes in-house, with custom recipes possible

  • Freezer-to-oven convenience — no proofing or resting necessary

  • Live dough products typically have a shelf life of about 180 days frozen from the date of manufacture.


Alive N Kickin' Par Baked Pizza

Cobble Hill Par-Baked Crusts

Par-baked (or partially baked) crusts are the ultimate in convenience and ease of handling. From a crisp, flaky ultra-thin to a rich, yeasty Sicilian-style dough, par-bakes offer the full range of styles, textures and tastes.

  • Partially baked in our ovens, final bake in consumer oven

  • Par-baked crusts have an extra long shelf life and are easy to handle

  • Our recipe and process innovations have greatly enhanced the quality of par-baked crusts — forget the old days of the “cardboard crust”

  • Wide selection of flavor profiles, sizes and shapes give you flexibility in product offerings

  • Organic, whole grain, and all-natural recipes available

  • DeliCatezze Par-Baked Pizza Crusts: The very best in take-and-bake pizza

  • Par-Baked Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts:  Available in a huge array of sizes, this cracker-thin crust is perfect for flatbread pizza appetizers or a lighter, less filling alternative to the more traditional hand-tossed crust

  • Par-Baked Hand-Tossed Style Pizza Crusts: Available in sizes from 6” to 17”, these crusts have the look and feel of a traditional hand-tossed dough with the convenience of a preformed, par-baked crust.


Arthur Avenue Fully Prepared Sauces

Arthur Avenue Fully Prepared Sauces by the Alive & Kickin' Dough Shop® are made from authentic Italian recipes that call for the highest-quality ingredients.

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