New York Style
Dough Balls


A versatile fan favorite

Our most popular dough ball, this option is great for hand tossing a New York Style pizza crust or sheeted for a crispy thin crust. It’s our most versatile dough: cooks up crispy on the outside with a slightly chewy texture and browns up nicely. Some other New York styles we commonly make include:

  • Wood Fired New York Style Dough Balls to withstand high temperatures and wood fired ovens
  • New York Style with a light sourdough flavor
  • New York Style Dough Balls with Whole Wheat provide a health-conscious option
  • Low Moisture New York Style Dough Balls have a lower moisture content that works great with sheeters

Dough Ball Characteristics

Flavor Provides a fermented and yeasty flavor.
Texture Enjoy a chewy and crisp exterior with a moist interior.
Visual Characteristics From golden to deep brown color with small blisters and slightly yellow crumb color.
Ideal Oven Type Your choice: conveyor, deck, or rapid cook.
Ideal Uses Made for New York Style pizza, hand-tossed pizza, stromboli, and calzones.
Proof Time Anywhere from 24-72 hours.