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How To Get A Custom Crust Made For Your Pizzeria [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 9 2017 by Nick Charles

Custom Crust For Your Pizzeria.jpgDid you know that it’s possible to have your restaurant’s pizza dough balls or crusts – using your unique recipe – made for you by a manufacturer? When you partner with a crust expert who’s got experience getting even the most complex recipes “just right,” you’re able to:

  • Ensure the quality and consistency of your crust, from pie to pie and location to location
  • Reduce the labor time and costs involved in making your own crusts
  • Free up space consumed by mixers, flour sacks and other ingredients

Depending on the amount of crust or dough balls needed, Alive & Kickin’ can work with you and your team to collaborate on a solution that is right for your pizzeria. Consult with our team to determine if your volume is feasible to be able to qualify to be made into a custom crust.

So, how’s it done? Here are the basics steps involved:

Pizzeria Custom Crust Infographic 


Infographic Transcript

Step 1: Develop a Recipe

Maybe you want to replicate a decades-old family recipe; maybe you have an idea of a unique blend of herbs and other ingredients you’d like to try. Either way, it all starts with a recipe formulation. The sky’s the limit, in a sense, because you can customize a crust in several ways: flavor, texture, shape/size, nutritional profile, oven type, handling requirements, efficiency and/or performance – even the type of crust (dough ball, par-baked, live/self-rising), depending on the scale at which you’re producing pies. Working collaboratively with our team we will help you come up with a solution that is able to be manufactured while satisfying the taste profile needed.


Step 2: Test Your Recipe

Once a recipe is developed, the manufacturer will produce small quantities of the crust for you to try in your operation. You’ll evaluate the test crusts in these ways:

  • Does the crust perform well in terms of baking speed and structural integrity when topped?
  • Does the baked crust deliver a nice mouthfeel and texture?
  • What are patrons saying?

Alive & Kickin’ also offers a crust cutting analysis that provides insight into possible recipe tweaks for the best possible crust.


Step 3: Produce to Scale

After passing all the rounds of testing, the next step is producing a crust to a scale that:

  • Meets your pizzeria’s quantity and quality needs
  • Can be scheduled for predictable order and fulfillment
  • Is consistent, each and every time

Step 4: Partner with a Distributor Network

Once you’ve got the custom crust you want, it’s time to work with a distributor to make reorders quick and simple. Distributors are also a great resource for ideas to help grow your business, so don’t miss any chance you get to ask for their guidance.

Don’t hesitate to do something special for your operation – work with a manufacturer to create a custom crust that will deliver quality, variety, and consistency directly to your door!

Remember, there are many types of crusts to offer patrons. Learn more about the characteristics of each when you download our Pizza Crust Types Comparison Guide!

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Nick Charles

Written by Nick Charles

President, Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust
Nick has been in the pizza dough business for more than 20 years. He heads up the company’s customer development and service (making sure they’re always happy with our product and our processes) and manages the overall business. It’s a big job, and he’s the right guy to do it!