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    Pizzeria Consultant
    Dan is a hugely important slice of Alive & Kickin’ (see what we did there?). He started in the pizza business when he was just 14 and eventually opened his own chain of restaurants, supplying his own dough balls for each of them. He expanded to supplying dough products to other operations, then founded the Dough Shop®. Alive & Kickin’ was thrilled to acquire the Dough Shop® in 2015.

    Recruiting and Hiring Pizzeria Waitstaff: 5 Best Practices

    June 19 2019
    By Dan Pecha

    “Here today, gone tomorrow” employee turnover is a relentless challenge for restaurant owners and operators. It’s tough enough finding qualified waitstaff, let alone those who fit your brand and ...

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    April 17 2019

    On average, ingredients account for about one-third of a restaurant’s costs.1 That’s a substantial investment, leaving many pizzeria operators to ...

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    March 20 2019

    You know pizza. You know your business. And you know your customers. Or do you? Some powerful statistics from a recent survey show clear trends that ...

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    February 6 2019

    Americans spend nearly $10 billion on delivered-to-the-door pizza every year, putting operations without delivery capabilities at a serious ...

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    December 19 2018

    Losing a good employee not only disrupts your operations; it impacts your bottom line. A study by the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell ...

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    November 28 2018

    Despite your best efforts, there’s no way to please everyone — and that leads to the occasional customer complaint. Instead of running yourself ...

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    November 19 2018

    Crunching the numbers around ingredients, yield, waste and labor may help you dial into the cost of making each dough ball in-house — and per-pie ...

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    October 24 2018

    Your customers want fresh, flavorful pizza every time they purchase from your restaurant or shop. However, consistently meeting those expectations ...

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    July 2 2018

    This article was originally published in May of 2016 and has been updated for 2018. Rising temperatures are no reason for your sales to cool off. ...

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    June 27 2018

    Having multiple pizzeria locations is a vote of confidence in your brand. Customers want the pizza you’re offering so much they’re willing to support ...

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