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11 Innovative Ways to Use Leftover Pizza Dough

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 27, 2016 9:12:00 AM / by Luke Siedow

Leftover-pizza-dough.jpgEstimating your pizza dough needs is hardly a perfect science, and that often means leftovers in your kitchen. Instead of writing it off as an expensive lesson, turn that unused dough into untapped profit potential by trying out some new recipes or offering a few “limited time only” specials.

Pizza dough isn’t exclusive to pizza pies. Consider all of your delicious options!


  • Crackers: Made from dough rolled out super-thin and brushed with salted oils, crackers add some snap to a meat and cheese plate (hint: you can also make them out of par-baked thin crusts)
  • Breadsticks: Cover these quintessential Italian crunchers in a variety of seeds and seasonings for tasty, pre-meal snacking (or a crispy side)
  • Mini-knot dippers: Garlic-infused pizza dough knots are a great starter when served with marinara, pesto or cheesy dips
  • Pizza fries: Slice up baked dough into “fries” and top with marinara, cheese and pepperoni pieces for sharable fun

Considering changing up your menu, but unsure where to begin? Our guide has you covered: 

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  • Calzone: Make some crust pockets and stuff them full of classic pie toppings, or venture into veggies or tried-and-true pairings like ham and cheese
  • Stromboli: Roll up your favorite flavors in this timeless spiraled dough loaf
  • Pizzettes: Small pizza dough rounds topped with high-end, seasoned proteins like salmon or prime rib make for a just-right light dinner
  • Bread Baskets: Complement pasta and soup dishes with table bread or bread bowls


  • Doughnuts: Dough balls dusted in sugar and served with a variety of dipping sauces is a sweet bite-size endnote to dinner
  • Cinnamon rolls: Pizza dough gives rise and yeasty goodness to this classic treat, made extra special with cream cheese frosting
  • Bread pudding: Heavy cream, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla transform baked pizza dough chunks into a rich dessert

Solving your unused dough dilemma expands your menu, and it also expands your sales potential. Feature weekly appetizer specials, promote a meal deal bundle on social media or showcase new items by hosting an exclusive event. Your existing patrons will have even more reasons to return and try new items, and new guests will appreciate the value-add.

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Menu Upgrades for Pizzerias

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Luke Siedow

Written by Luke Siedow

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