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3 Traits Your Pizza Dough Supplier Must Have

October 4 2022 by Nick Charles

Pizza DoughImagine a burger restaurant serving a gourmet patty and fresh toppings on a tasteless bun with unpleasant texture. Or a taco restaurant focusing entirely on filling while paying no mind to the quality of its tortillas and shells.

It's even tougher to imagine serving pizzas while neglecting to ensure a delectable crust is not just an afterthought, but the starting point and final focus of a successful pie. While different toppings are scattered on top, the flavorful, foundational crust is virtually the only part of a pizza guaranteed in every bite. Regardless of the TLC devoted to pizza toppings and sauce, a sorry crust leads to sorry sales.

Pizza dough manufacturers will understandably talk a big game to restaurants, c-stores, and frozen pizza companies-anyone who's looking for a pizza dough supplier. How can pizza makers wade through their many pizza crust options and find a dough supplier they can trust to deliver on crust?

When it comes to choosing pizza dough you can depend on, we've narrowed down the three traits that above all signify a quality pizza dough supplier.


Reliability goes beyond the consistent quality of the crust itself; that need almost goes without saying. In this case-and with manufacturing partnerships in any industry- you'll want to find a pizza crust supplier who's reputable and established. Sure, one might look at today's pizzas and assume that since the basic traits haven't changed, then the processes haven't either. However, a pizza dough supplier who's been in the game long enough is well versed in the advances in crust production over the last few decades and has experience in finding solutions for a myriad of pizza companies, equipped even to be a frozen pizza crust manufacturer.

A quality supplier also keeps an eye toward the future, open to new ideas and possibilities for pizza crust manufacturing-which brings us to the next trait.


A rigid pizza dough supplier is about as appealing as a tough pizza crust. A dough manufacturer who abides a pizza policy of “one crust fits all” is clearly not going to cut it.

Your ideal pizza crust provider will offer numerous options and support your vision to serve the perfect pie to your customers. This means a pizza dough manufacturer who can present numerous flavors of crust, but also a variety of styles, thicknesses, and textures to serve your operational needs. Further-and especially if this is your first time trying to find a pizza dough provider-you'll want to work with a manufacturer who can offer pizza dough in different forms, such as frozen pizza dough balls or par-baked crusts.


The right pizza dough supplier will above all tailor the perfect crust for your pizza operation, rather than shoehorn their product into your business. This matter of collaboration means in-depth consultation regarding your facilities, your goals, your budget-any variable where you have a need or preference. A quality pizza crust manufacturer will also offer ideas that perhaps you hadn't known about or considered, and will aim to exceed your expectations and what you thought possible for your pizzas. If you're not 100% happy with the partnership, then it's not the right one for you.

Whether you're considering upgrading to a better pizza crust partnership, or if you're newly considering a dough supplier for your operation, Alive and Kickin' prides ourselves on being reliable, flexible, and collaborative. Reach out and learn how we bring these traits to every single plate.

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Nick Charles

Written by Nick Charles

President, Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust
Nick has been in the pizza dough business for more than 20 years. He heads up the company’s customer development and service (making sure they’re always happy with our product and our processes) and manages the overall business. It’s a big job, and he’s the right guy to do it!