Dough Balls


Light texture, serious value

All-Purpose Dough Balls offer great value and a more bread-like flavor with a softer, less chewy texture—perfect for thicker pizzas and breadsticks. We offer these additional types:

  • All-Purpose Dough Balls with Extra Yeast are similar to regular all-purpose dough balls, but with quicker rising and browning
  • All-Purpose Dough Balls for Pan Pizza are similar to regular all-purpose dough balls, but are specially made for pan-style and deep-dish pizzas

Dough Ball Characteristics

Flavor A light bread-like flavor that’s slightly sweet.
Texture Features an airy, soft interior with a lightly crisp edge and bottom.
Visual Characteristics Bakes lightly golden brown with little to no blisters, and a white crumb color.
Ideal Oven Type Your choice: convection, conveyor, home, or rapid cook.
Ideal Uses From hand-tossed pizza, pan, and deep dish pizzas to bread, rolls, and breadsticks.
Proof Time Anywhere from 24-48 hours.