Dough Balls


Any recipe, at your convenience

From 4 to 32 ounces, Alive & Kickin’ produces perfectly portioned, proprietary dough balls that create consistent, flavorful pizza crusts and more. Have a recipe you hold dear to your heart — let us be your dough department! Our dough balls will save you labor, equipment, and ingredient handling so you can focus on making the best pizza for your customer.

Dough Ball Characteristics

Flavor Whatever you want! Some common flavors include beer-infused, buttermilk, garlic butter, and parmesan.
Texture Anything from soft and chewy, to light and airy, to crispy and crackly.
Visual Characteristics From light golden brown, to deep brown, to visual blisters and char marks.
Ideal Oven Type Your choice: conveyor, deck, rapid cook, convection, home, low-temp wood-fired, coal-fired, or high-heat wood-fired.
Ideal Uses Tailored to any pizza, appetizer, or dessert.
Proof Time Anywhere from 24-72 hours.