Dough Balls


Focaccia Dough Balls

Made with classic focaccia seasonings, Focaccia Dough Balls offer memorably tasty versatility. From gourmet pizzas with garlic chicken and white sauce, to exceptional table bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, this dough is perfect for delicious Italian dishes.

Take ‘N’ Bake Dough Balls

Specially made for take-and-bake pizzerias, Take ‘N’ Bake Dough Balls are made to bake in home ovens. The dough has a great proofed shelf life for pre-made pizzas and hand-tosses well, cooks crispy and chewy, and bakes all the way through.

Neapolitan Dough Balls

Classic Neapolitan Dough Balls are made from imported Italian flour (00) and bake well with high-heat oven applications of 600° F and up.

Dough Ball Characteristics

Flavor A range from focaccia seasonings to the lightly salted bread flavor of Neapolitan crusts.
Texture Focaccia has a lighter, fluffier texture while Take N’ Bake and Neapolitan have a light and airy interior with a crisp exterior.
Visual Characteristics Focaccia is thicker with a bubbly crust while Neapolitan crusts have visual char marks and blisters with a white crumb color.
Ideal Oven Type Your choice: coal-fired, deck, high-heat, wood-fired, or home (for Take N’ Bake).
Ideal Uses Focaccia, Neapolitan, or Take N’ Bake pizza, rustic table bread, and flatbread.
Proof Time Anywhere from 24-72 hours.



Here's how frozen dough balls can help.