Thin Crust
Dough Balls


Distinct flavor, texture, and look

Our Thin and Ultra-Thin Par-Baked Crusts are traditional crowd pleasers with a flaky, crisp texture that keeps people coming back for more. Traditional thin crust fits the bill for a light bite, or try the ultra-thin for a slightly less weighty crust with a distinctly crunchy short bite and quicker bake time.

Dough Ball Characteristics

Flavor Embodies a rich flavor with a hint of salt.
Texture A crispy, crackly exterior with a flaky/layered interior.
Visual Characteristics Deep golden-brown color with some small char spots, and slightly yellow crumb color.
Ideal Oven Type Your choice: conveyor, deck, low-temp wood-fired, or rapid cook.
Ideal Uses Anything from thin and crispy pizza to pub style pizza, pizza fries, and flatbread.
Proof Time Anywhere from 24-72 hours.