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    Best Crust Types for a Wood-Fired Oven

    May 1 2019
    By Luke Siedow

    The appeal of a wood-fired oven is unmistakable. Its high baking temperatures, wood fuel, and fast baking times test the finesse of skilled chefs, and customers find the gourmet pies are well worth ...

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    December 12 2018

    From bonafide foodies to the grab-and-go diner, people are clamoring for authentic food, and Alive & Kickin’ has the ideal solution for venues ...

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    December 5 2018

    Upscale ingredients and food are appealing to customers. In fact, recent Technomic data points in that direction, reporting that 37% of diners ...

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    October 3 2018

    Take your pizza menu from siesta to fiesta with a “pizzadilla”! What’s a pizzadilla? It's Mexican flair for a traditionally Italian venue, and it's ...

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    September 12 2018

    Your signature pizzas are what keep new and tried-and-true customers coming through the door. You wouldn't dream of switching up the recipes they ...

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    March 14 2018

    If you were to ask customers what their favorite part of a pizza is, what kind of responses do you think you’d get? Is it the cheese? The toppings? ...

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    February 28 2018

    Pizza has long been a go-to food for quick pick-ups in the deli, frozen food aisle, or take and bake shop and a convenient meal option at any number ...

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    February 21 2018

    Due to logistical challenges, wood fired crusts are not traditionally paired with take and bake pizza —  until now. In addition to a variety of ...

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    February 14 2018

    About 350 slices of pizza are sold every second in the United States. That kind of demand generates a lot of business, especially for venues that ...

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    February 7 2018

    Fire and food. The combination arguably goes back thousands of years, but the recent spike in the popularity of wood fired pizza has made everything ...

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